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Are you thinking about what is WhatsApp Gold? WhatsApp Gold is a version of WhatsApp with extra features. You will find more privacy and other things as compared to normal ones. Below we will discuss more about it but let’s talk about WhatsApp. When you are talking about communication ways of communication in the digital world, the first application name that comes to mind is WhatsApp.

Which has become popular with 500 million active users. When Android arrived in the market, WhatsApp was the first application application used for communication with friends or relatives. As time passes, demand for upgradation needed, or else the competitor replace your established market & we know how big is the market of digital communication these days. So, to be in the market, WhatsApp upgraded itself and engaged the users, but the mistake of WhatsApp was time and you can’t find that issue in WhatsApp Gold.

The team of WhatsApp takes too much time to as per the demand of WhatsApp & resulting in WhatsApp MOD. WhatsApp MOD is a non-official upgraded version of WhatsApp with unlimited daily features. This solves the issues of an active user who mostly depends on WhatsApp for personal use or business use.

WhatsApp MOD has developed multiple third parties and named them, like GB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, and 15+ others. WhatsApp Gold is one of them, with all the same features as WhatsApp and with too many other features. Each WhatsApp mod has different features. So you can install them through APK to take benefits.

What is WhatsApp Gold?

We can have the Idea by the name, and the reason behind this invention is a different & classy look for your favorite Application. Gold WhatsApp Download from apkslink website without fee & malware. And they are fairly safe to download from our server. So if you download the APKs, you will get a 100% error-free file.

You can also have Gold WhatsApp update regularly of new changes or upcoming changes on apkslink. This MOD of WhatsApp has a golden look. So we can say it is due to the name the developer gave it a golden look. Due to the golden look, the founder gave the name WhatsApp Gold. The things are not limited to the golden look, but the WA Gold APK has multiple upgraded features, which the original WhatsApp ignores. Like the image sending limit, limited file size or hide activity, download status, and many more.

Gold WhatsApp APK punched these features:

you can send more than 50+ image files at once, unlimited forwarding in a single time, send files more than 50 MB & hide last seen but can see your other contacts. You don’t need to find a way to send the large file to anyone. That WhatsApp version will help you to send 50+ MB files or pictures to anyone around the world. You can also hide your last seen with that version.

Also, if you want to forward messages to more than 20 members, you can send them easily with that version. You can forward images to 100+ contacts. In this version, you can customize your theme which you can’t find in the normal one. Through this, you can change the color of your Application or other appearance. You can also extend your text status length up to 256 characters long like Instagram Bio.

App WhatsApp Gold APK
Version 30.00.0
Last Updated On 6 Hour ago
App Size 65.5 MB
MOD Android

How to Download & Install?

To telecharger WhatsApp gold, your Android must have some specifications like Android Version 4.4 or above. After that, you can make a minor setting for WhatsApp Gold APK Download, like enabling settings for an unknown source installation. After installation, you can use it without any hassle. And you will be able to install WhatsApp Gold APK on your phone & enjoy its unlimited features for free. You can also download other Social Media Applications from website for free.

Conclusion –

So, the final word for the WhatsApp Gold telecharger is that it is free & very useful. Mostly for those who are still using the official version of WhatsApp. All the WhatsApp versions of APKs are not available in the Google Play Store. You can download through APK which is completely safe to download or install on your mobile phone.

Every function in that version is the same as WhatsApp and your all messages or files are encrypted with the same technology that the normal one is using. But I always like to suggest you not use your financial or confidential information on these applications, even if not on the standard version of WhatsApp.

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