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Do you know about the Stream India App? Have you ever heard that you can watch movies online without any subscription? Stream India is a free streaming app where you can watch all the movies, web series, news channels, cartoons, and live sports without paying any subscriptions. It is free to all.

You must pay a subscription package to other paid OTT platforms to watch your favorite web series. But now, the good news is that the Stream India app has various channels you can watch for free. You can watch your favorite web series in HD quality. Also, you won’t get any ads during the streaming.

Similar apps like Pikashow or iBooma also provide entertainment content you can watch for free. These apps are user-friendly interfaces and provide HD-quality streaming.

What Is Stream India?

In India, most are Android users and want to watch movies, web series, cartoons, or TV serials on those OTT platforms that provide this content free of cost. So, on the people’s demand, Stream India is the best platform that provides all this content in one app. You can watch the latest movies over there.

That application is user-friendly, and everything is set up in the menu part, where you can find everything easily. You can find any content in this Stream India app, so it’s good news for everyone. You don’t need to pay subscription fees for paid apps like Hotstar or Amazon Prime.

If you are Indian and using Android, you can stream any movie without charge. Also, all the videos are ads free. And if you are a cricket lover or any sports lover, you can watch their live streaming, too.

Similar APKs like this App:

Many similar APKs are available, which you can download from apkslink. Similar apps are Pikashow, Movierulz, iBomma, and many others. Some apps don’t have channels, but you can watch movies, web series, or serials.

Pikashow: That is a similar application to Stream India, but in Pikashow, you can find many Pirated movies, TV shows, or web series. It’s also an unofficial application which is not available on Google. But like Stream India, you can download or run on your mobile with APK files.

Movierulz: It is another one similar to the Stream India app to watch movies and web series. The extensive content library of this app makes a difference between these two apps. This app is unavailable on the Google Play Store, so you can only install Movierulz through APK.

iBomma: That application is famous in India, too, but it is famous in Telugu Andhra Pradesh. Because all the movies and TV shows are available in the Telugu Language, you can watch Telugu Movies over iBomma App.

Features of Stream India Application

Is your financial budget too low to pay a subscription fee to watch cricket online, your favorite movie or shows, and other TV channels? Then, you don’t need to pay any subscription fee. Stream India is an option that helps you watch TV shows, movies, or live-streaming sports. It has several features you will love to watch any live sports match like the Cricket World Cup, Asia Cup, Football matches, etc.

Generally, the features create differences between paid apps and free apps. So, let’s talk about the features of the Stream India app that make it special and the user’s first choice, which can be discussed below:-

User Friendly:

We all know that many free apps are not user-friendly; it’s too hard to find any content. So, Stream India is a very user-friendly app, and you can find your content easily. In that app, you can find lots of content sequentially. They allow you to search your favorite content, so you don’t need to have any issues to watch any shows or movies.

The Stream India app would suggest trending movies or web series. So, you can’t be deprived of watching trending movies and web series. You need not search particularly on Google for trending movies and web series.

TV Channels: 

Many Indian families love watching their favorite TV channels but cannot pay monthly subscriptions. In-Stream India, you don’t need to pay any external charges, and you can watch TV channels like Zee TV, Colours TV, Sony TV, and many others.

Video Quality:

Usually, in Hotstar or Amazon Prime Video, you can hardly watch any movie or web series free of cost. If some movies and web series’ first episode is available, then the quality is not good to watch. So, feel free about video quality because the Stream India app is where you can watch any quality content according to you.

It has multiple playback options and different types of video quality to select, like YouTube. So you can set your video quality according to your internet speed.

Ads Free:

Are you irritated with lots of ads on OTT platforms? Then why don’t you try Stream India, which is free to use and an ads-free app? So you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies without ads.

Less Disk Space:

Many OTT platforms need more space to use them on mobile. And if you have less disk space in your mobile but still want to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or live stream. Then, you can use Stream India, which takes less space on your disk. Also, it takes less virtual memory during the streaming.

Everything in One App:

You don’t need to pay for channels, cartoons, or movies, particularly for your kids or families. This app has many channels for you, which is completely free. Also, you can watch videos without ads, so everything is in one package.

Why to use Stream India?

Free to use: There are no external charges in the Stream India app. You can watch your favorite TV Shows, movies, or any online streaming without a monthly subscription.

Free TV Channels

You can find free TV channels in the Stream India app. If you love watching TV serials, then that app is best. You don’t need to pay anything for these channels; they are free to use over this application. You will get Zee TV, Sony TV, Disney Channel, and many others on these free channels. Here is the list of top-notch channels which you will get on them.


We all know about Zee TV, a famous Indian channel for TV shows and movies. On Zee TV, you can watch family serials, movies, and other Indian content. But it is not free to all. You need to pay for the channel cost. But in Stream India, you will get that channel without any cost, so you can watch any TV show without paying for the channel cost.

Colors TV

Colors TV is also a good or famous Indian TV channel where many TV shows are hosted. You can watch many family TV serials on that channel. In it, the famous TV shows you watch are Big Boss, Mahadev, and other religious shows. But you need to purchase any subscription charges to watch these shows. 

If you can download the Stream India app, you need not to pay any charges for this channel. You can watch all the shows on this channel without paying any charges.

Sports Channel

You can find many sports channels in Stream India where you can watch your favorite matches with live streaming. In this app, you will watch every video or live streaming in HD quality print. If you find over Google about HD print videos or live streaming, you won’t able to get any apps.

But with Stream India, you can watch everything in HD quality. In the sports channel list, you will have many famous sports channels in which we watch live streaming of sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, and many other sports games. If you are a cricket lover and want to Watch the World Cup 2023, you can download the Stream India application, which is completely free. You can watch every World Cup match which you can’t watch anywhere.

Movies Channels

You will get many movie apps paid for, but Stream India is the only app where you will get free streaming content. We will know that almost every channel is paid when discussing famous channels like Hotstar, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. But if you can install the Stream India app, you can access it without any monthly subscription. 

You will get Star Gold, Zee movies, Zee Classic, HBO, and many other movie channel content on this app. You can access these movie channels on the Stream India application without paying money or a monthly subscription.

Music Channels

Many Indians are music lovers and want to listen to music every time. Many free apps with lots of music are available, but they trouble you with ads. On the other hand, the Stream India app is an app you can use to listen to unlimited music, which is completely ad-free. You can’t have trouble with any ad problems in this app. This app allows you to listen on different channels with various categories.

You can listen to Hindi songs, English songs, Punjabi Songs, and many others. You can also watch the video with music, which comes with the lyrics. So you can listen to English or Hindi songs with lyrics.

Cartoon Channels

Are you married and have kids? Then, yes, it’s a very useful app for kids, too. We all know that every kid wants to watch the cartoons. Even teenagers also want to watch cartoons on mobile or TV. You find out easily if you search the channels for watching cartoons. But the problem is, they are not free for all, and you need to purchase subscription packages.

With the help of Stream India, you can save your money. In that application, you can watch cartoon channels without any charges. So you can install that app for your kids to save your money.

Ads Free Content

Generally, when you watch any movie or web series on other platforms, there is an issue with ads. And you will get irritated with ads. If you can download the Stream India app, you won’t get any ads when you are going to watch any videos or movies.

When we talk about music, yes, you can also listen to music without ads. Also, you can watch other channels we have described already.

Compatible with any device

As an Android device user, this app is the most suitable for watching entertainment. But if you are worried that this app is not available for iOS device users, then you are wrong because this app is also compatible with iOS device users. This app is available on a PC, laptop, or other devices.

How to Download or Install Stream India?

It’s a very easy process to download or install that application. You can download it through APK only, as it’s a third-party application. If you search for this app in the Google Play Store, you won’t be able to do so. Because it’s compiled with copy-right content, and Google doesn’t allow it to be stored in their system. So you can install that application through APK.

But the question is, where to download Stream India APK? Our store, which is a complete APK store, allows you to download the APK files for Stream India. And run that APK file on your mobile to enjoy Stream India.

You can check our FAQs page, where we have clearly instructed you how to install the APK file on your mobile. It will work for all APKs, whether entertainment APKs, WhatsApp Mod APK, or any other type of APKS.

Requirements to download this application:

You need an Android device with an internet connection and 100 MB storage capacity on your mobile with around 4 GB of RAM. The app size is not 100 MB; it is just a 1.1 MB file, but it may take up to 100 MB of space after installation.

Also, it will work for Android 4.4 or more update versions, so please ensure the requirement; otherwise, you may have an issue. You don’t need to connect with Wi-Fi; ensure an internet connection after downloading the file.

Requirements to download this application:

You just need to have an Android device with an internet connection and also have 100 MB storage capacity on your mobile with around 4 GB of RAM. App size is not 100 MB, it is just a 1.1 MB file but after installation, it may take up to 100 MB of space.

Also, it will work for Android 4.4 or more update versions so please make sure about the requirement otherwise you may have an issue. You don’t need to connect with Wi-Fi but make sure that you have an internet connection after downloading the file.