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What is Snapseed and how to use it? We all have smartphones for pictures because the cost of the cameras is too much & not affordable. Besides this, it is easy to carry the phone in your pocket & multiple uses. So, we always carry it in our pocket & whenever there is a moment to be captured, you always run to your phone, not to the camera. Because it will take time to set up & can miss the moment, if we talk about the quality of the picture clicked by the phone & camera always have disaster changes. You can use those images as DP images in your social profiles.

So, for better quality images, the camera only conducts all the professional photoshoots. But it is impossible to carry the camera on your friend’s birthday at midnight to celebrate. In that case, we use mobile to click the moments. Another issue will arise while the pictures click through mobile: quality. You can use the APK on your phone called Snapseed to get a quality solution. 

What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is a photo editing application that can also be used on Android & iPhones. Alongside, you can use the app to create a QR code for your picture. This will protect your image from being copied or stolen by others. Snapseed has 20+ editing tools, which will turn your image into HD quality, but you must be an expert in editing. By means the quality of the image will depend on the person using the app tools.

It is a very powerful application that brings all the features of a photo editing application in English. Snapseed has a very simple interface that makes the application much easier. If you are an editing expert, then this application enhances your images. The best part of the application is it is free to use & safe to use. You can use the Apple Store and Google Play Store to download applications. If any application is allowed by Google & Apple, you can imagine how safe it is. Snapseed also has the MOD version to download with an extra feature, which is free to access. The smoothness of the application is very good & real-time update also matters when you are in editing mode. 

Whatever tools you will use on this application, a real-time effect will be there & it will help you know the right editing path. Now, let us talk about the tools & filters of the Snapseed Application. 

Features of Snapseed APK – 

RAW Develop – In mobile phones, mostly 2-3 file formats will use .png and .jpeg by 99% of phones. But through Snapseed MOD APK, you can open the files in RAW & DNG. You can convert & save the image files into .jpeg & .png. 

Snapseed QR Codes – These are very useful features only provided by Snapseed to keep the discreetness of your images. You can share your image with a QR code & the receiver will scan the QR code & can see the image.

The features mentioned above are only available in Snapseed, so if you must take the benefits, you should go with Snapseed. Besides, all these 30+ tools are listed on the application & they can entirely change your picture, such as cropping, Color management, rotating, healing, enhancing the image, or Snapseed Background removal.

How to Download – 

You can download the application from apkslink website for free. The original version will be available for download on the Google Play Store & Apple Store. But the mod version of the application is only available on our website & can be used by Android users because Apple will not allow downloading applications from other sources except the Apple Store. So, you can download the version available on the Apple Store for free & enjoy the features of editing. 

After downloading from, you can only install the application on your Android phone. It is simple to install the application from an unknown source. Click on the install button & follow the instructions provided for successful installations. 

How to use Snapseed –

After the download & installation process, open the application, where you will get multiple options. First, click the open button on the top left corner of the app to add the image you want to edit in Snapseed. After that, you can select the Style, where you will get multiple presets. If you are unsatisfied with the presets, select the tools options. Around 30+ editing tools are available to us in this button for free.

The free tools are available if you want to edit the pictures independently. So, you can select your tool & edit your work on your own. You can change the frame, color, Brightness, Text, & other customizations on your desired images. Once the editing is done, you can export the file in JPG or JPEG. You can also open rare file formats such as RAW, heic& others.

How to convert Image in QR Code –

Snapseed QR codes will convert your image file into a QR code. If you have confidential information in the image, you can use Snapseed to convert the image into a QR code, which can only be accessible after scanning. The notable thing is that the image can only be read by the Snapseed. 

The next question is how to convert that. You will get three buttons on the top right side of the application & click on the 3rd number button where a list will show you the option to convert your image to QR.

Conclusion –

Download Snapseed is very useful for the person who works on the mobile. This app is very convenient to use on mobile with lots of tools in a single app. There are multiple applications in the market, but no one has all the features like Snapseed. It has all the premium features the photo-shopper uses to enhance the quality & add glow to the image. Say bye-bye to computers to edit the image & start keeping Snapseed in your pocket.