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We use multiple Android phone applications to perform daily personal or financial work. Today, we will talk about one application used for multipurpose depending on the view. Probo App, which is commonly used for earning, but in sight view is education. Through this, you will earn a lot just by guessing the correct answer & if you win, the reward money will be credited to you & you can withdraw the money through UPI.
If you think Probo APK is just like the other applications, such as Dream 11 or Fantasy leagues, that is not true. In fantasy applications, you should create teams & your profit depends on the other’s performance, so it depends on the player’s luck. But in the Probo application, you have to predict the correct answer to the displayed questions & the questions can be from any stream or corner of the world. So, if your luck is strong, you must try this application.

Features of the Probo App

Opinion Based Income –

The Probo is the first opinion-based application for Android, where you can invest your money and earn from it based on your opinion. It is so fair to trade as all the money will be invested in the backend while you are engaged in your answering. This application has created an option to select your interest, like if you are good with Sports, Weather Updates, Stock Market or Bollywood or Hollywood Movies or the Stock Market. If your idea is correct, you won & the amount can be withdrawn through UPI.

Investment & withdrawal–

Like other fantasy games, you should invest the money & the earnings depend on your investment, like more investment might be more profit. You can participate in your field for your opinion & in the meantime, the money will be invested. Then, it would help if you waited for the validation of the event in real life. If your opinion is correct, you will get the profit depending on the investment amount. Also, you can use the earned profit to multiply to earn more.
Sometimes, we need clarification while answering questions but suddenly realise that the opinion is incorrect & you might lose your money. At the same time, you can close your trade for free and put the investment money back into your wallet to use again. But it would help if you took your decision before the event ended. Apart from this, the withdrawal part is tricky in most applications. You can withdraw with a limit or credit in 48 hours or so many rules. But in Probo, you can start your profit through UPI within seconds.

Know your Interest / Knowledge-

As we said, the application has multiple topics to show your knowledge to earn money. If you are an expert in the stock market, select the same on the application & it will ask you questions depending on the share market. Like this, various topics are segregated on the application for the convenience of the users & and the probability of winning. Some common issues are Sports, the Stock Market, Politics, Weather, Entertainment or News; many others are listed over the application.

Installation & Downloading Process of Probo App

The download and installation process is the same as the other application; download the APK from apkslink website. After downloading, go to >> Settings of your Android >> Unable unknown source Installation. When it is done, go to your file manager where the file was downloaded, & safely install it.

Conclusion –

When using this money investing application, various questions take place in our mind, like – Is Probo APK legal in India? Or is this app gambling? Or how can we delete an account from it if needed? It’s natural if these questions are in your mind. So, the app is 100% legal in India & no, it is not a gambling application. This app depends on your knowledge & predictions of the users. Also, if you want to delete your account, you can do that with 2 simple steps: go to the accounts section & click on the delete account options.