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After 2018, OTT platforms found their foot in our mobile & laptops, and day by day, the transformation towards these OTT platforms is increasing as well. OTT platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv & many more. These are all paid applications, where you must pay a lot to watch the entertainment media. But the oldest OTT platform is Netflix, which is also paid, but in the digital market, everything is available. You can use Netflix MOD APK with a premium feature unblocked & no ads.

Netflix is the oldest OTT platform & most lovable & demanding at this time cause of the content. The video content available on this platform is precious, so the value of the monthly subscription is also high. This is quite impossible for students or middle-class people, but they don’t want to scarify to watch the entertainment. So, the best solution for the application is the free MOD version with premium services. Yes, Netflix MOD will be the best option for those who are addicted to OTT platforms.

Generally, when we download Netflix from the Google Play Store, we need to pay a monthly subscription. But, you can avoid that monthly subscription by using Netflix Mod APK that you can download from our site APKslink. There are many similar applications like Pikashow, iBomma, and many more that help with the latest movies, live channels, sports channels, and many more.

About Netflix MOD APK – 

As we all know, Netflix has all kinds of content: Hollywood or Bollywood, movies or web series, or TV shows. All are available in HD quality without advertisement on this American application. Besides all these, Netflix provides its original content, which is only available on Netflix. But you should buy the premium plan for all the stuff & the plan cost is high.

Either pay for the standard application or have another option, Netflix MOD APK Download, available for free on apkslink. You can enjoy the mod version with all the premium updates, advertisement-free, offline downloads, or 4K video quality. Besides this, you can use another mod version to watch the latest movies & web series Pikashow, Stream India. 

Similar Applications like Netflix:

Many applications are similar to Netflix. And few of them we know very well like Sony Liv, Amazon Prime, or many others. But some of them are not famous and you can download them through APK files only, such as Pikashow, iBomma, etc. We will talk about a few of them which are free to use to Watch movies online. On these applications you can also watch cricket online, or any other live sports matches. You will get free channels on these applications.

Pikashow: Pikashow is one of the best alternate or similar applications to Netflix. You will get very latest video content available to watch online. You can easily download it by going to Pikashow’s official site to download Pikashow. After downloading APK files, you need to know how to install APK files on your phone. You will get a few TV channels on Pikashow and you don’t need to pay anything.

iBomma: That is another alternate option to watch movies online. You can easily download through APK files which you will get from our site APKslink. iBomma is the biggest free OTT platform to watch any movies online. You can listen to music too, so you don’t need to download multiple applications on your phone. So it’s a similar application to Netflix Mod APK to watch movies online without paying any monthly subscription.

Features of Netflix MOD APK – 

The MOD version is almost the same as the original Netflix version. So, all the features are the same, but the significant difference is the cost, which is free in the MOD version. We have noticed some features, which are explained here – 

Multi-Language –

As we know, India has a vast variety of languages, but more than 50% of the population of India understands 6-7 languages. Netflix takes care of it & provides 5-6 languages for every video content available on the platform. Only with this feature can you watch & understand video content in any language.

Advertisement Free Content –

All the media listed on the application is free of advertisement, which is a very relaxing feature of the application. When you watch your favorite shows or movies, the ads feel like poison & spoil the actual fun of the video. So, you can watch ads for free videos, unlike on television.

Offline Watch – 

You can watch offline movies, but you should download your desired video onto your phone. If you are going outside the internet coverage area & you can save the videos you would like to watch later. You can download unlimited content & all depends on your device storage. 

Video Quality – 

You can watch 4k ultra HD quality videos, taking your user experience to the next level. The video streaming quality on Netflix is super solid & if your mobile is configured with screencasting, you can use your television for 4k videos where you can feel the actual 4k ultra-quality effects.

No Root Required – 

We noticed that the cracked versions we download & install on our devices are required for root. It is required only when you are installing a cracked or modified version. But the Netflix hack mod app does not require any root; it will run on your Android devices without any root required. So it is more convenient to download & install.

Advantages & Disadvantages – 

All the applications we download from unknown sources or cracked versions have advantages and disadvantages. We have read that most of the advantages are already in the above sections; now, we turn to the disadvantages of the cracked version. 

If you have bought the subscription to the app, you can log in anywhere, like on your mobile, laptop, or smart TV, but if you are on a mod, you can only use it on your mobile. These other disadvantages also exist for the mod versions.

Conclusion – 

Netflix mod APK can be downloaded safely from for free without any registration process & in just two clicks. Without any harmful content or issues, you can use this application.

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