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Generally, we have all heard about WhatsApp, but discussing JT WhatsApp is a more exciting topic because not everyone knows about JT WhatsApp. So, in today’s topic, we will talk about JT WhatsApp and its benefits. We will discuss the features of this application and how to use it because when we talk about the versions of one similar application, you can find the Google Play Store. But you can still install it through APK files.

WhatsApp is the king of all social media applications and is most widely used worldwide. It is the first application of sending messages through the internet & changed the history of messaging. As before, we need to recharge our phones to send text messages & there are also limitations, like we can only send text. But WhatsApp improved the messaging experience, including various features.

After its popularity, the central need for WhatsApp is updates & results in WhatsApp MOD. Original WhatsApp takes longer to get updated with new features. In the meantime, a mod version of WhatsApp took place & launched with several new features. Yes, we are talking about the JT WhatsApp. You can also use to chat with Fancy Text through WhatsApp.

About JT WhatsApp –

JT WhatsApp is the mod version of WhatsApp & it has unlimited new features, including all the features on Old WhatsApp. These make the JT WhatsApp popular among all Android users. It is the most advanced application, the green WhatsApp, due to its unique and user-friendly functions.

As regular users, we need some features in Standard WhatsApp, such as the image sending limit being set to 30 only. Like this, too many common issues arise when we are in use. But JT WhatsApp has breached all the limits & shows you the power of its features. Once you download the JT WhatsApp, you will remember the user experience.

Features of JT WhatsApp –

It has all the same features as JT WhatsApp with an extended limit & too many new customized features that will captivate you. So, let’s dive into the parts of JT WhatsApp listed below.

Customization –

I get bored with the green theme in the original WA, but we have a solution to change the color from green to pink, red, yellow, or any other you like the most. That WhatsApp MOD can customize the theme with a different look. Besides the colors, you can also change the font style & size of the text, effectively making it look different.

Anti Deleted Messages –

Sometimes, friends try to prank you by sending some messages & deleting them instantly, but in green WhatsApp, it is impossible to read those deleted messages. JT WhatsApp will revoke the deleted messages & you can able to read them, but the sender still thinks you have not read them. Also, if you have sent a message and deleted it for everyone, the receiver will not be able to read it if they have the green WA.

Send Big Files –

You can send big files, like more than 25MB, the maximum limit in Original WA. So, you do not need to get support for any other application. That is a prevalent issue; when we send big images or video files, old WA will compress the file & impact the pixels. 

But JT WhatsApp will send the image or video file in its original size & quality without impacting pixels. That is the most helpful feature of JT WhatsApp. 

Text, Image & Video Status –

If you have a video of around 50 seconds & you want to post it on WhatsApp status, you should split it into two parts for a full 50-second video. JT WhatsApp has a solution for this as well. Yes, you can upload videos to 60 seconds in a single shot. Also, the text status limit is 256 characters, while in the green version, it is only 140. You can post it in green mode if you have Attitude Shayari with more than 140 characters.

Messaging Option –

If you need to remember dates, then WhatsApp has brought an essential feature for you. That is messaging scheduling, where you can set a timer for your messages & it will send at the specified time. If you want to wish someone on their special days, you can select the messages scheduled for them. 

The auto-reply is also one of the cool features, where you can send auto-replies to your senders. Due to this unique feature, JT WhatsApp is also helpful for business accounts. You can automatically send greetings or busy templates to your customers or clients. It will save you time & improve perfection.

Other Features – 

Besides these, multiple features are also included in this WhatsApp, which might take a long time to get into Original WA. These are like –

Hide & Download Status – Hide or show status to your desired contact list. Original WhatsApp will not allow you to download the quality of others, but here, you can do that as well.

Activity Status – Hide online; last seen, typing status from others, either you are online or typing in their chat box. These help to hide your activity status from others.

JT WhatsApp Download & Installation –

To download any WA MOD, remember that the versions are not listed on the Google Play Store. Because all the MOD versions are not official, they are unavailable on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The second option to download these applications is third-party websites, which allow you to download them for free.

These files are in .apk format to be used on Android Phones only. Your Android version should be 4.4 or higher to install the application from apkslink. Here is the process that how to install APK files for any application.

Conclusion –

Downloading JT WhatsApp on your Android phone will make your messaging experience more excellent than the other mod. Also, it is easy to download the application on Android only, but the iPhone user will need help to take advantage of its cool features. Its anti-ban facility protects your account from being suspended from the original WA. Try not to use your number on it, but you can use your secondary number to be safe.