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What is Instagram Pro? We all know very well about Instagram but want to know about Instagram Pro which is another version of Instagram. Everyone is using Instagram, whether they are carrying an Android or iPhone in their pocket. In this blog, we will explain Instagram Pro and how to install it on your phone.

We will also explain the cons and pros of this application. Generally, these applications are cracked versions that Google doesn’t allow to host in the Play Store. But another question is coming between to know more about it and how to download them. So we will explain everything in that blog.

We can imagine how big is the market of Instagram or other social media applications. Instagram is the first popular social media application after WhatsApp, with lots of amazing features & results in popularity. Every single person who buys a new smartphone either uses Instagram to build their phone or downloads it before other operations.

Now, the old smartphone users are habitual of the IG features and always looking for new features. However, Instagram has some limitations of use. It might be due to security reasons, or developers are still looking for solutions. So, read the market demand, some third-party developers made Instagram Pro.

What is Instagram Pro?

It is just like the official Instagram but an unofficial application with new features or, can say, unlocked the limits of use. For example, you can download the stories of others through Instagram Pro APK. But the official IG does not have the option. Like this, many other features are also upgraded in the Instagram Pro App, which increases the demand for the app in the Indian market. As third-party developers develop the app, it is not listed on Google Play Store.

Instagram Pro will also work like Instagram in which you can watch reels, and videos or upload your content for your profile like Instagram. But you will more extra functions which are not available on Instagram. It will come with more options for privacies or follow-unfollow things. Below we will explain more about the functions that are not in Instagram.

For Instagram Pro APK download, you should use apkslink website, where you will get free & scanned APK files. Instagram Pro download also allows you to use dual apps in one Android, which means you can use the original WhatsApp at the same time. It is big news for Android users only because the mod version can not download on iPhone. The iPhone will not allow to install applications other than the Apple store.

How to Download Instagram Pro:

In the above, we told you that you can’t find them in Google Play Store. It’s stranger but nothing to worry about as you can download them through APK. But what is APK? You can check our other blog where we have described the APK. In a short way, APK is a collection of files for an application. So you can install any application through APK.

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In another blog page, we have already described how to download APK files on your mobile. There is nothing that changes if you are going to download any APK files like Instagram Pro, GB WhatsApp Pro, or any other application it may be the pro version or the main version. So you can check our web page to install Insta Pro on your mobile. After installing that application on your mobile, you can learn about its features and how to use it.

How to use Instagram Pro?

Instagram Pro is user user-friendly application like Instagram and every feature is available in the settings part. So you can enable it according to your needs. In the below, we talk about the features part and when you want to enable anything, you need to go to settings and enable those features. There are many features that come with the Pro version. You can enable that setting to hide everything.

So after installing that Pro version through APK, click on the icon but you will find that both icons are similar so open the correct one. After that, you can also change your icon color by going to the settings part. When you change your icon color you can easily identify which one is the main or which one is the Pro version.

Features of Instagram Pro –

Like the other mode version of Android APK, Instagram has the same premium features to use. These are free & safe to use, also with a new app experience than the old versions you are using. It is not only helpful to show off, but it also increases your privacy & hides activity status. Can say hide from everyone in a crowd of thousands.

Privacy & Hide Activity Status 

When you are using Instagram, we can see the person who is online or not in our follower list. Vice versa, they also can see if you are online or not, but if you hide the activity status, you cannot see the others who are online or offline. The magic is that when you are using Instagram Pro on your phone, you can see who is active, but no one can see whether you are active or not. Your typing status will also be hidden from another DM box.

Not only can you hide active status, you can hide the deliver or read pop-up from others’ message boxes, but at the same time, you can have their delivery or read the report. Also, when you watch another story, your profile will be in the list of Stories seen, but you can also hide your profile from there.

Follow & unfollow –

In the official version, we can see who follows us only, but on Instagram Pro, you can access the list of the persons who ever followed you but have now unfollowed you. This will automatically show on your Instapro APK without any new settings.

Type Status Hide –

You are typing to your partner, friends, or your favorite person but want to hide your typing status during the chat. Yes, you can do that with the InstaPro you can hide your typing status while chatting with your friends or colleagues. You can activate those features in your Insta Pro application.

Zoom Photo Easily –

You want to zoom any photo of any account, it’s not an easy process. But in Instagram Pro, you just need to long tap or hold your thumb, it will auto-zoom. So compared to Instagram, it’s very easy to zoom in Pro version.

Lock Your App Without Any Third-Party Services –

That’s the amazing feature of Instagram Pro is, that you can lock your application without using any third-party application. So if you want to secure your account and nobody can access your Instagram then you can download that application which helps you to lock in your Instagram Account.

Many Font Styles –

It has many font styles that help you to make your profile stylish. In Instagram Pro, you will get around 20+ Font styles which are unique and attractive and are free to use. You can make your profile unique and attractive with these fonts. There are many other Fancy Font Generator tools that help to make your profile attractive. You don’t need to install anything when you want to make your Instagram profiles. Also, if you have other social media accounts then you can use the fonts in your other profile.

Different Icon Colors of Instagram Pro –

If you check your phone after installing Instagram Pro, you will find that both are the same and getting confused. In that case, the Pro version helps you to change your Icon color. So you can make different colors for the Pro version application that you have downloaded.

Chat Screen In Instagram Pro –

You will get more chat themes when you download the Pro version. In this app developer created lots of chat themes so you can change according to whom you are chatting with. If you are chatting with your partner, you can change with a love theme. You will find there are many love themes as compared to Instagram.

Download Media –

Generally, on Instagram, you can’t download the video or any content directly. But with the help of IG Pro, you can download any media from Instagram. But the question is how you just need to triple-click on any media or video that you want to download. So, now you don’t need to install any third-party application to download videos from Instagram.

Disabled Sponsored Ads With Instagram Pro –

Wow, that’s the amazing features that the developer made in IG Pro. After enabling those features you will see a magic that you won’t get in trouble with the ads. So you can watch any video or story without any ads.

Skip Video With Fast Forwarding Option –

In the main Instagram version, you won’t be able to skip any video as they don’t allow you to watch videos with fast forwarding. So the developer fixed that issue and in the Insta Pro version you can skip video with the help of the fast forwarding option. You can enable that option in your Pro version and you will see that you can forward any video.

Increase Stories Time Limit –

You can increase your time stories time limit. In the Instagram application, your store time limit will be 15-30 seconds but if you have a long video and want to put all the videos in one shot. Then you need to use the Instagram Pro version that helps to put around 60-second videos in your story.

Stories – 

As I told you earlier, you can watch others’ stories without letting them know. Besides this, you can extend your story size up to 60 seconds. Yes, in the official one, it is 30 sec, but the Instapro APK download will increase the story size by double. This application also enhances your media quality as well as whether you have a slow internet connection.

Cons of Instagram Pro –

We have already discussed the pros and now we will talk about the cons. We all know that they are created by third-party developers and that is an unofficial application. In that case, may you lose your account or be hacked. Also, be careful to download the application from the secure server as may get infected with the virus. Instagram Pro APK files are not affected by the virus and you are safe to download but make sure you are downloading from a secure server.


Who Can Use Instagram Pro?

Everyone who is using Instagram can use Instagram Pro. But this can be downloaded & installed for Android users only.

Possible to download reels & Images with Instagram Pro?

Yes, you can download images, reels or videos posted by others through Instagram Pro without a watermark.

Is it Safe to Download?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download Instagram Pro to your Android Phone.

Will My Account Will Ban?

No, It is a 100% legit application. Otherwise, can the modified version of the original IG and all the other features be the same as the standard one?

Conclusion –

These are the basic & demanded features we have explained, but expect all these too many untold features integrated into Instapro App. Like the Insta Bio can we write in different Fonts & increase the length of the bio? To maintain its popularity in the social media App category, user-based updates are performed in the app.

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