How to Download APK Files on Android Phones

Do you know you can install any application or app on your mobile with the help of APK files? But don’t know how to do that? And also don’t know the benefits of downloading any application through APK files. In our blog of APKslink, we will let you know how to install any app through APK files. Firstly, if any application is available on the Google Play Store, then why do we need to download through APKs file? Generally, we download any application or app which are not available on the Google Play Store. But in another way, you will get some extra features through APK; that’s why we download them through APK.

When you are going to download an application listed on the Google Play Store, you do not do anything with your phone settings. The Play Store will all automatically like Download & Installation. Sometimes, new updates will install applications when you are in the WIFI range. So, it is so flexible to download the application from the Google Play Store.

Also, safe as compared to other websites containing unwanted downloads. However, all the applications are not listed on the Google Play Store. We must go to a third-party website to download the MOD APK or Cracked version of the APK. On this page, we are going to explain How to Download & install APK files on Android.

how to install APK files on android

What is APK?

Do you have heard about the APK and how it will work? APK is a file of collections for any application which are zipped, called APK files. Through APK, you don’t need to have Google Play Store on your mobile, so you can download directly with the APK file.

For more about What APK is, you can check our blog, where we have described more about the APK files. These APKs are available on various sites from where you can Download APK files. After downloading them, you need to install that application through APK, and Below, we already have a guide on how to install APK on your mobile.

Reason To Download or Install APK For Any Application?

Why do we need to download any application through APK if it is already available in the Google Play Store, as every mobile has that application? When you buy any Android phone, you need to set up Google Play Store on your mobile. We need to install the Google Play Store because every application is available there.

You can’t start your mobile without installing Google Play Store. But the question is, if we need to download the Google Play Store, then why do we need to download the app with the help of APK files? So, we are mentioning a few points or reasons behind downloading any app with APK files.

Pro Applications:

When you talk about pro applications, which are third-party apps are provide free services and extra functions, you can’t find these applications in the Play Store. But still, you want to use them to take benefits of these applications.

You can install these applications through APK files. You can download APK files through version sites by searching Google. After downloading, you need to install them. You can check our steps on how to install APK files on your mobile. Here are some Pro Applications that you can download through APK files only.

  1. GB WhatsApp: You have all heard about WhatsApp but what is GB WhatsApp? That is an upgraded 3rd Party Application with more features that you can’t find in WhatsApp. You can download GB WhatsApp through APK.
  2. Instagram Pro: That is also the same as GB WhatsApp. It’s not an official application but you can still download it through APK. You can download the Instagram Pro APK from our site and install it to enjoy that pro version.

Play Store Not Functioning Well:

Sometimes, you will find that the Play Store is not functioning well. Not in all mobile, but in some, you will find that your Google Play Store is not working or hanging too much. In that case, you can download any application through APK files. Every application has its own APK files, which you can download through various sites.

Not Listed In Google Play Store:

Any application that you want to install but is not available in the Google Play Store, you can download through APK. You won’t be able to find many applications, but still, you love them and want to install them. You can download an APK file to run these applications on your phone. Below, you can learn how to install APK. After installing, you can take benefit of these applications.

Copyright Content:

We all know that many applications have copyrighted content. That’s why Google doesn’t list them in the Play Store. These types of applications are really helpful to install through APK. You can watch any upcoming movies after release, the latest web series, extra privacy functions, extra benefits, and many more. But they are not in Google due to copyright issues.

Google doesn’t allow them in their system and doesn’t store them in the Play Store. You can download these kind of applications through APKs. Below, you will learn too that how to install APK files. In the copyright content application, you can that applications, check the list.

  1. iBomma: That is a very useful application where you can watch the latest Telegu movies or Hindi movies. You can watch web series too. You can download iBomma APK to watch any upcoming movies.
  2. Pikashow: In Pikashow, you can get lots of channels that are paid media but still you can watch free online. You can watch the latest web series that are listed on famous OTT channels like Amazon Prime, Voot, and many others.

How to Download APK Files?

We learn about the APK files, but the question is how to download or where to Download APK files. There are many websites from where you can download the APK files, but make sure that they are virus-free sites.

You can download these files from our site, too, as we store them in a private server, which we scan with a file with antivirus. Our server is protected with malware protection, so all APK files are virus-free. Below, you can learn how to download APK files.

  1. First, find the application on the website you want to download from our website. You can find it through the search icon or navigate through the category.
  2. Then go to your application page, where you will get the download button & through this button, you will reach the download page.
  3. Here, you may find the variation version of the application & it’s up to you which one you want to download.
  4. Our website is free from malware & downloading through this will not be harmful to your phone because we are scanning our website on a regular basis.

How To Install APK Files On Your Mobile

  1. Now, when the file gets downloaded onto your phone, go to the settings of your Android phone. Search for the settings where you can enable unknown source downloading.
  2. Another way to enable it is to click on the APK file you have downloaded & start the Installation. It will automatically ask you to change the settings & you can go to your settings directly & enable the unknown source downloading.
  3. Once it is done from your end, the APK file you have downloaded will automatically start the Installation on your phone.
  4. Now, you can enjoy the downloaded file without any registration process or payment. As the APKs we have listed are free of cost & we will not ask you for any money.

While downloading the application either from 3rd party websites or from the Google Play Store, please make sure to check the storage you have left in your phone. It always happens that the downloaded APK file is too small, but when it is installed into the phone, the app size is doubled or tripled sometimes.


Are they harmful if we install APK through APK file?

No, they are not harmful if you are downloading them from a good server. All APK files are safe, but make sure you are not putting any credit card information over these applications. Generally, they aren’t required but still don’t put any personal information in these applications, which are 3rd Party ones or copyright.

How to uninstall any Application that installs through APK?

You can uninstall them very easily like you are taped to the application that you want to uninstall. And after, you will have an option called uninstall, and select that option to uninstall.

Will it cause any issues if we watch copyrighted content for users?

We know that these applications have copyright content, so it will create issues for users if they install these applications. We will say no. There is no issue for the users if you watch copyrighted content over these applications.

How much time will it take to install APK through APK files?

It won’t take too much time. You just need to follow the steps, and it will take a few seconds to install these applications on your phone. In the above, we have already mentioned how to install APK files.