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We all know about Instagram, but did you ever hear about GB Instagram, which is a mod version of Instagram? Yes, many mod versions are available in the market, like Insta Pro, GB Instagram, and many others. In that topic, we will discuss GB Instagram and what benefits you will get compared to the original versions.

These applications are unofficial, and a third party develops these mod versions. But still, you can use them as you can log in with the same information without any trouble. Because they are using API to log in with the existing one. They are safe, but you can’t download them by searching the Google Play Store. You can download them through APK files like GB WhatsApp, a mod version of WhatsApp.

Social media applications we use often have new updates; some are related to internal things, but some users experience updates. Sometimes, we wish it would have been even better if Instagram had this feature. So we depend on Instagram for updates, but this is the unstoppable world & the solution is GB Instagram.

What Is GB Instagram –

It is a mod version of the original Instagram with lots of new features. And maybe it will take a long time to get on Instagram. Likewise, too many elements are already in GB Instagram for a long but original Instagram, taking time to get updates. Even if some features of GB Instagram are adopted by the actual IG, in the meantime, GB MOD will upgrade itself with other new features. So the chain of updates keeps going on continuously & the users take advantage of it for free.

There are too many features, which are adorable & functional, that help to make a good user experience. These all are free to download & use, like the original IG. You will like its font style, stickers & appearance mostly & you wish to have them all on the original one. There are many reasons to download that application besides the original version. Everything will remain the same if you use that application compared to the original one. except for downloading things. Because the downloading part of GB Instagram is tricky. Below, we have described downloading GB Instagram onto your mobile phone.

Features of GB Instagram –

Some super features are explained here to show you the significant difference between the mod version & original version. You will find many differences between both applications. You can use GB Instagram without any trouble as they use an API key. It means you are not sharing any information with these mod versions.

When we discuss the original one, there are many restrictions which people unlike them. And they want to remove these restrictions or can say they want to add some privacies. In that case, you can download GB Instagram, where you will find many features and privacy options to add to your Instagram profiles. Below, we are sharing the features of GB Instagram; after that, you will learn how to install GB Instagram into your mobile because it’s tricky to install it into your mobile.

Hide & Seek –

You can also hide yourself by means your profile will appear unavailable to people, but you are still on the platform. For any post you have uploaded on Instagram, people will not be able to see it until you are on the hide button.

When you are seeking a profile & need to see the profile pictures, you cannot do that due to limitations in the original IG. But the GB Instagram will allow you to see the profile picture as a preview & you can even download it in the same quality.

Edit & Share –

We all post on Instagram, but sometimes, we love to edit them, like updating filters, size, or many enhanced controls. GB Instagram can allow you to edit your post before sharing. You can also do that in the original one, but it is limited and doesn’t have many more filters than GB Instagram.

Download Media –

Scrolling through posts on Instagram is an addiction & some centres or reels you like & want to post or share with your friends. You must visit another application or website to download or save the post, but GB Instagram already has one.

This means you can download any post or reel to your phone gallery and can use it to share it on other platforms. You can even download live streams or other content available on Instagram can be download.

Copy & Paste –

We visit our friends’ profiles or watch posts, so some post captions or IG Bio look too impressive & and we want to use them. Two options will be to write the whole text & ask the person.

The third & straightforward way to use the bio or post caption is to tap on the text you want to copy & paste it to your destination.

How to Download GB Instagram APK?

All the APK files are made for Android users only because, compared to other operating systems, android is a bit compromised with its security by allowing the APK download from other sources. It is not significant because all the APK uploads on the internet have to pass various security barriers.

For GB Instagram APK, downloading from Google is impossible because of the MOD version, but you can use apkslink website to download the application.

  • Download GB IG from the website in one click. 
  • Download will be sent to your file manager & ready for installation.
  • Before installation, you should enable the unknown source download from the mobile settings.
  • Now you can Install the application. It will be installed easily on the Android phone.
  • Once the APK is installed on your phone, log in & register with your phone number or email, just like the original.

Conclusion –

There are a couple of features that are supportive & simplify your work, just like DP preview is enabled in the MOD version. Besides these, many features help you to keep your privacy a priority. But these features will also update to the original version after a while.