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If you are looking for a mobile application to send bulk SMS, calls, or emails to prank your friends or for marketing, you should download Bombitup. In this app, multiple features can be used for entertainment purposes & marketing purposes only. On this page, we have explained the application, including its features, to understand the application better. 

What Is Bombitup –

If you have free time, download Bombitup on your phone and be ready to have fun with your friends. Send & make unlimited messages, emails& calls for free. Yes, BomBitup is free of cost to use without hurting the features available. You do not need to purchase a premium version or pay money to operate its premium features.

When we are saying, BomBitup is free to use with an endless limit, which means you do need to register on the website & the emails, messages, or calls will be sent anonymously. So the receiver will not identify the sender & that’s the actual fun. If you have a naughty mind, you can take full advantage of this BomBitup application. There are many applications like the BomBitup or many sites to send SMS but after a certain time or sending some messages, it will ask for the money. So BomBitup is useful if you are doing SMS Marketing.

You can also send some spamming messages to your friends and surprise them by sending messages. They may worried after getting a lot of messages within in few seconds and you can select an option like what kind of spamming message you are going to send to your friends. So BumBitUp is useful for SMS marketing as well as for spamming services.

Features of Bombitup –

The main feature we have told you above is sending emails, messages & calls on a particular number or email ID. It will send all the things in bulk like flood & the received will shock as what is happening. This is very funny if you are standing in front of your friend & setting up a pipeline for messages. Your friend’s phone will buzz every second with messages & you know the reason, but act like you don’t know. This is so wild for you & for your friend, it is the worry. These other features are also there, making the BomBitup application more entertaining.

SMS Bomer –

BOMBITUP is the best application to send bulk messages. These messages come with prompts for login to many websites and are sent repeatedly to every website. What you have to do is open the BomBitup application & on the screen, you will ask for the phone number & the country of the input number. Then you should enter the count, like how many messages you want to send & delay button will adjust the time gap between the messages.

Then hit the BOMBIT button to send if you have selected 100 messages with 1 second delay time. The app will start to send the messages instantly & finish the task within 100 seconds. The receiver needs clarification when they see the fake OTP messages without any login or signup process. With these fake OTPs may your friend get worried about getting messages. So you can make a fool with the help of the SMS Bomer option.

WhatsApp Bomber –

Select the WhatsApp Spammer from the BomBitup application list & it was a demand for a phone number to spam. Again, select the number of the messages & here you will ask for the news you want to send. This feature will help you to send 100 messages in one click on a memorable day to your friend or loved one to surprise them. 

Save your time by typing the message multiple times. You can also use WhatsApp for spamming purposes or business purposes. In WhatsApp marketing, when you send messages through WhatsApp, your text length will be limited to 4000 characters lengths, and when you use a mod of WhatsApp called GB WhatsApp, it has more limits to sending messages. 

Call Bomber –

It is the same as the SMS Bomber; you just put the target number & select the count. It will start calling the number & irritate the receiver. You can choose the call bomber from the three bars on the left side of the BomBitup application. If you want to irritate someone, you can use BomBitup because you can create a fake call with the help of the BomBitup application.

Email Bomber –

To send bulk emails, you should have a fake email account. To get a fake account, you can watch the Make Fake Gmail account guide on the BomBitup application. Click on the email blast on the nav bar & get into the email blast section.

Then select the email ID you want to target & shoot emails. The email blast feature can be used for marketing purposes as well. Sending emails is also accessible in this BomBitup application so you can do this for low-budget marketing purposes. However, we know that it is still being determined that all the emails will land in your inbox only. They might be directed to the spam of the receiver. So, total dependency on this could be better. 

Protect List –

If your friend is already aware of the application & trying to prank you, they can’t. The application has Astra, which protects your phone number & email ID from being scammed or bombed. Just enter your email ID & the phone number in the protection list. No one can identify if you are already on the Protection list and in a chill mood.

Download & Install –

There are two to install any application on your mobile either find it over Google Play Store or download it through APK Files. This BomBitup application is not on the Google Play Store, so download it from apkslink website for free & to install it, read the APK installation guide.

Conclusion –

This application is suitable for entertainment purposes & pranks with your office colleagues, friends, or relatives. You can also use the application for your haters to irritate them. After completing a task, the app will run ads of around 30-45 seconds to start the next one. Also, make sure to allow the permission of calls, contacts & notifications to use the application.